Eldon, John Scott, Earl of; Macdonald, Archibald, Representation by the Creditors of the Island of Tobago to the United Committees of Colonies and Commerce, appointed by the National Assembly of France, to consider the Memorial presented to them by the said creditors, praying a Repeal of Arret of 29th July 1786, and of all the proceedings and judgements pronounced by the Court of Commission, erected under the authority of the said Arret. To which is added the opinions of the Attorney and Solicitor-General of England, and other eminent Counsel, on the illegality of that Arret; which refute the arguments of Mons. Roume, the Ordonnateur of the island of Tobago, in support of the said Arret and in defence of the iniquitious proceedings and unjust judgements pronounced under its authority., 1791

 Item — Volume: 93


  • 1791