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Lees, Harcourt, Sir, Fifth Letter to the People of England, embracing a cursory view of the evidence adduced in support of the Bill of Pains and Penalties, on the late delicate investigation in the House of Peers; suited to the capacities of the few hissing demagogues in the House of Commons, and the numerous addressing and visiting Male and Female Puritans of her Majesty Queen Caroline, from St Giles’s and elsewhere to which will be added, a postscript of several pages, for the information of King’s Counsel, the Papists, and other Ultra-Loyalists, who were so unfortunate as to be bayonetted into allegiance at the County Dublin Meeting, convened by the High Sheriff, Sir Richard Steele, Bart at the Court-house of Kilmainham, on Saturday the 30th Dec 1820, 1821

 Item — Volume: 056-002


  • 1821